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St. Joseph Council #12186 - Forms Page
The forms below can be downloaded or opened to use as necessary.
Please return the forms to the person listed.
If handwritten, please print legibly.
Click on the icon to the left of the title to access the file.
Activity & Expense Report (This is best filled out on a computer).  When done, please return to FS Brent Cole with receipts and/or income.
PDF version of Activity & Expense report.
This is another version of the Activity & Expense report but in portrait layout.  It also includes a section for mileage.  This version works best if you want handwrite the report.  When done, return to FS Brent Cole with receipts and/or income.
This is the PDF version of the portrait handwritten Activity and Expense report.
This is the Deposit Worksheet to be utilized for report numerous checks or receipts from different individuals.  When done, please return to FS Brent Cole.
This is the PDF version of the Deposit Worksheet.
This is the Individual survey form to be used when doing charitable work as a Knight (double the time if your spouse is also working).  It can be handwritten or done on a computer.  In order to keep track of ALL the council hours, each person can either fill out this form and periodically send it to FS Brent Cole OR send an email with the information stating your activity and it will be recorded for the yearly total.  It takes a little extra time, but is greatly appreciated as each year all the hours are report to the Supreme Council.  Please return this form to GK Mike Gentry.

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